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Do you have an online shop and want to attract your customers’ attention online?

With well-formulated product descriptions you can score powerfully with consumers and search engines. But the ever-growing competition calls for further marketing measures. A blog can be a valuable way to support your online shop.

We’ll tell you here which 4 reasons speak for shop blogging and what you should pay attention to.

What is a blog anyway?

A blog – previously known as a weblog – is a publicly accessible website that is kept up to date with regular contributions. The author writes articles on various topics that can be made both entertaining and informative. A quick WordPress download is usually enough to get started blogging.

With shop blogging, the content is based on the respective online shop . For example, the operator of a tea shop can report on countries of origin, recipe ideas and the effects of selected tea herbs on his blog.

In the following, we’ll tell you 4 good reasons why a blog can be worthwhile for your online shop.

1. Search engines love blogs

In order for your blog to be really read, it needs to be search engine optimized, meaning it has to contain important keywords that you can find using certain keyword tools . The content must therefore be designed in such a way that it can be found by search engines such as Google and displayed as search results. With a blog for your online shop, you can achieve some essential goals that are relevant from an SEO perspective :

Additional keywords

When designing an online shop, certain search terms (keywords) are already covered, but not all of the important ones can be incorporated.

For example, a blog is ideal for solution-oriented search queries (e.g. “How is the perfect black tea brewed?”) Or search terms in preparation for sales (e.g. “Green tea varieties being tested”).

Although these search queries bring users to your blog first, they ideally end up in your online shop later and buy your products.

In this way, your blog will be filled with additional important long-tail keywords and ultimately the attention of users will be drawn to your online shop .


If your blog stands out from the crowd with particularly exciting and relevant content , you may be rewarded with valuable backlinks .

Your posts may be so attractive to other website operators that they link to your blog. The following applies: the more trustworthy the source that has given you a backlink, the more positive the impact on the ranking .

In addition to such external links, internal links play an equally important role in your blog. If you cleverly refer to more in a current post, you will manage to keep the visitors on your blog.

This improves the length of stay and thus also the position in the Google search results.

Regular content

Blogs are not a sure-fire success – for them to really work, they have to be fed with new content at regular intervals .

For example, if you publish posts on your blog several times a week, your website will automatically be classified as current by the Google algorithms. This in turn has a positive influence on the ranking of your blog and online shop.

2. Blogs make visible

A blog is not just a suitable place for more detailed product information. It also offers the opportunity to make the team behind the respective online shop visible. This enables users to find out more about the individual people who are responsible for the e-shop. In this way you can put your own competencies and, if necessary, those of your colleagues in the spotlight.

3. Content is suitable for social media

Perhaps you are never quite sure how to get your online shop present on social media . With a blog, you don’t have to ask yourself that question anymore. The posts from your blog are ideal as social media content .

Should you be able to create content with added value, be this in the social networks (. Eg Facebook) wildfire spread . This way, not only your blog, but ultimately your online shop too, gets more attention!

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4. Blogs enable customer contact

With a blog, you can get in direct contact with readers and potential customers. When creating your blog entries, you should remember to address your selected target group as personally as possible . You can take up the comments of your readership and get into conversation with interested parties.

How do you become a successful shop blogger?

If you decide to create a blog for your online store, do not do it rashly. Your blog should be well thought out to achieve its full potential. The following tips can help you start a successful blog.

Define a specific target group

As a first step, you should think carefully about who the target group of your blog is. Remember, these are the same people whose interest you want to arouse with your online shop. Only after you are clear about your target group can you think about the content of your text contributions. The selected topics should be adapted to the respective target group .

Not only the content depends on the target group, but the language also plays an important role. For example, if you run an online teenage fashion shop, you need to reach teenagers with your blog. With “Dear Sir or Madam” you won’t get very far in this case. With a casual “Hey” or “Hi”, on the other hand, young people tend to feel more addressed.

Create meaningful categories

You want visitors to be able to find their way around your blog, so don’t let chaos rule here! Instead, it is advisable to divide the individual contributions into well thought-out categories . For a coffee roastery, for example, the two sub-pages “Country of origin” and “Roasting method” are suitable. The “Company” category is worthwhile for all online shops – here you can go into more detail about the beginnings and development of your shop .

Publish exciting content

A blog only makes sense if it arouses long-term interest in the readership . The most important thing is that the contributions are varied. Creativity is required here to make potential customers aware of products and at the same time to offer them added value . What is always worthwhile – not only in uninspired moments – are, for example, customer questions from customer service, which you can answer in exciting blog entries.

With a blog to success

A blog is worthwhile so that your online shop gets even more attention . Even if you are not sure whether you can assert yourself as a blogger – a blog will have a positive effect on your online shop. Because in terms of search engine optimization and content marketing, you can only win with a blog . In the best case scenario, a blog can be the key to the success of your online store.



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